Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope
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Engineering and Design

Survival Products' engineers and craftsmen have designed their rafts, with you, the consumer in mind. Advanced design and manufacturing procedures along with many years of service experience have allowed Survival Products to price its life rafts at the most affordable rates. Check the competition and you will find that nobody beats these figures. Don't be fooled by these prices, sizes and weights. These life rafts will do the job for you under the most adverse conditions.

Raft materials and components have been carefully selected to provide for reliability, extended life, and reduce service cost. Buoyancy tubes and decks are constructed of tough, heavy duty neoprene coated nylon conforming to stringent government specifications. Canopies are fabricated from high visibility orange compound nylon to aid in search and rescue operations. All life line, retaining line, and handle webbing are of strong, durable 100% polypropylene. The life raft valise is manufactured from almost indestructible vinyl coated nylon with nylon velcro closures. The Mirada Release Inflation Valve is of the most trusted design, punture disk type with many years of successful operational reliability.

Survival Products' life rafts are constructed using a light weight aluminum cylinder and valve assemblies thus minimizing corrosion and consequent damage not only to the corroding components but deterioration of critical adjacent items such as the tube, deck, and case fabrics. The aluminum cylinder and valve also make the life rafts much lighter in weight. Furthermore, each and every raft is pressure tested and all seams and adhesive bonds are thoroughly checked prior to release. Quota samples are tested to near destruction as part of a continuing process of product analysis and improvement. Additionally, a lifetime warranty comes with the life rafts as long as they are serviced regularly and properly cared for.

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